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Vincent Pizutelli, October 13, 2022:
Replaced chiropractic care with stretching and Stretch lab has helped me along the way on the extra stiff days. Staff is always in a positive mood and I’ve been feeling so much better since coming here. I always look forward to my sessions here!
Steven Samori, October 11, 2022:
Unbelievable experience! Never have I gone to a barber and gotten my hair shampooed after I was finished! No more itchy head for the rest of the day!!! Very professional and fantastic haircut. Won’t go anywhere else ever again!
Glenbrook barbers
Abi Pena, October 11, 2022:
This place was recommended to me by a friend and honestly, I’ve never had a gel manicure stay on this long. It’s officially my new regular spot
VSTUDIO Nail Beauty
Justice Served, October 10, 2022:
Go to this salon with caution. I first went to this salon a year ago and I loved how they did my hair when they braided blonde into my hair. However, the last two times I've gone when I asked them to put blue into my hair it always comes out slightly off and I don't get why! I don't know if they feel that I shouldn't have color in my hair or not but that's no reason to leave it looking like this. The design is nice! I like how they braid my hair, but they charged $120 for my head (after saying they'd redo it for $80 😤) and the ends have been left like this (again) and it's ridiculous. They do good work, I've seen them do really nice braids and twists.
Grace African Hair Braiding
Howard Lam, October 10, 2022:
Mohammed has been the barber for me and my two boys for several years now. He's very skilled as we're quite picky on how our heads should be shaped! Great at listening and understanding what suits best for the shape of your head. Glad he's got his own shop now and it's a great facility, give Glenbrook Barbers a try.
Glenbrook barbers
mike florio, October 8, 2022:
Very clean and well furnished, classic mens barbershop. Great haircut. 5/5 will definitely be here again
Glenbrook barbers