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Marion Thurman, October 22, 2022:
I love the results of this serum. No additional hair washing after a day or two. I wanted to test how long it would take before I can tell I need to wash my hair. I have gone 5 days now and you can't tell I have gone that long. I couldn't do that with other sha.shampoo and hair serums. This is the best ever.
HAU Hair Pack
Keisha, October 22, 2022:
This product is 100% worth every penny! My hair stays straight longer, no additional oils needed and blow drying is a breeze! I have very thick hair and it tamed my hair right on down! I love this product!
HAU Hair Pack
Prince, October 22, 2022:
This is worth every cent. I am a naturalist with 4c hair. This leaves your extremely moisturize and your curls will be well defined. I have thrown all of my other conditioners away. I only have HAU products now.
HAU Hair Pack
Ladonna Thompson, October 22, 2022:
I just tried my first HAU hair pack and I absolutely love it!! I noticed instantly how incredibly soft it is!! Definitely getting more!!
HAU Hair Pack
Sha, October 22, 2022:
Ok so this serum is very versatile. Since I have a lot of hair I apply the serum in conjunction with the hair packs to make sure my hair is saturated with the products during the treatment. I also use it daily on the perimeter of my edges and scalp as it works great for thinning and balding for both men and women. Lastly it is a great way to keep the Hau vitamins on your scalp during protective styling such as braids when you will not be able to use the Hau packs hair every week.
HAU Hair Pack
Valerie, October 22, 2022:
I love this product! I use it as a regular conditioner, and when I have time I leave it on for several hours with a heat cap (or overnight). It's amazing.
HAU Hair Pack