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alfredo palma, October 12, 2022:
I went for a complete combo that was supposed to last 60 minutes and the boss put two people to work and I was only there for 30 minutes, it seemed like false advertising when it said 60 minutes for 74 dollars, I was with my partner and only 30 minutes, almost 150 Dollars
Tao Spa
Stevie Tierney, October 7, 2022:
I worked with Bianca and my friend worked with Sean! There are not enough words to describe how wonderful this experience was!! Completely kind, fun, tattooed exactly what we wanted. Very clean and welcoming space. If you are going to get a tattoo in NOLA this is the place to go!
Downtown Tattoos and Piercing
nphauser23, October 5, 2022:
My wife and I went here for a tattoo and are both very happy that we did. The service was great from helping me decide what size tattoo to aftercare as well. Shawn was my artist and was awesome. He answered the questions I had and was very professional. He put me at ease as it was my first tattoo. I highly recommend Shawn and this shop because right from stepping into the shop everything was first class. This picture is with the second skin on. Also, the shop itself was cool and right next to a bar on Frenchman Street if you need a little liquid courage.
Downtown Tattoos and Piercing
Dream Tiger, October 4, 2022:
Best haircut I ever got! Andrea was so sweet and welcoming. I'm usually not a favorite with hairdressers because I'm not big on products and I don't wear makeup (I'm used to being told I'm ugly and should have my hair straightened and use products, do my eyebrows, usual makeover BS etc...) so I was a little timid coming in, and within 10 minutes I felt right at home. If you're a curly head you should try this place!
Sweet Olive Salon
Gary Jones, September 26, 2022:
Y’all never answer the phone. That’s unprofessional in itself. Y’all need to do better are I’ll move my membership somewhere else
Planet Fitness
Brandon Kapner, September 22, 2022:
Horrible experience with the owner Flame, he is a fraud. None of the work posted is his, he did my tattoo and it was the biggest regret of my life! I wouldn't recommend to anyone ever! Stay away from this guy & shop!
Orleans Ink