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Reviews about The Original Pain For Sale 2

44 reviews
Great shop! I really enjoyed my experience there! Friendly and professional staff that provide for
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S Dean August 24, 2022 Source
I went in to get a nose hoop changed to a stud, and Tom hooked
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Lauren Belchik May 27, 2022 Source
White dave was amazing great price on my tattoo and he added a color not
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tanya michael May 23, 2022 Source
Update 4/26 I have to give Dave some credit he's definitely EARNED bk my business.
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Misty DeSonier April 27, 2022 Source
Wanted a walk-in for same day, they worked us in so well! Ben is awesome,
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Sara Simpson March 7, 2022 Source
They are always clean & have a great customer/professional service. The tattoo artists are awesome
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Bianii Hendrix February 24, 2022 Source
what i asked for vs. what i got. no biggie. just on my skin forever
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Parker Brighton January 7, 2022 Source
I had also called this location, website said they were open until 12:00am and yet
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Michelle N September 25, 2021 Source
Tatt was done by gator turned out so horrible. The owner reached out admitted it
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Kayla marie September 8, 2021 Source
I got my Medusa pierced, and it was nearly painless. It the past when I
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Ally de Boer August 23, 2021 Source
Wow is all I can say besides that I would never step foot into that
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Becky Webster August 22, 2021 Source
Gator did this tattoo and I love it, he gave me exactly what I asked
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Monica Katt August 20, 2021 Source
Brailey helped me when I came here, gave me an awesome deal on body jewelry!
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Claire Zietsma July 24, 2021 Source
Highly recommend you visit this place! Very detailed art work. Ask for David! The guys
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Geovanni Delfera D'errico July 20, 2021 Source
As soon as I walked in, I felt welcome. This was my first piercing I’ve
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Gresha Eberly July 18, 2021 Source
Great work, Fast, clean, friendly and responsive! On my only day off I started calling looking
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David Otten July 13, 2021 Source
Came for a tat today but I didn’t get one. Stood at the counter for
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Travis Swift July 5, 2021 Source
I just got a tattoo and it turned out beautiful! Gator went above and beyond,
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bhill June 18, 2021 Source
Just walked in with $1000 in cash to ask about a walk-in hand tattoo and
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Sarah Daves June 9, 2021 Source
Reference photo vs reality. It took almost two hours for him to draw this and
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Alisa Boersma May 24, 2021 Source

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The Original Pain For Sale 2