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Charles Judice, September 21, 2022:
I was a member here for several months and really enjoyed the facilities. Unfortunately, my kids do not go to daycare next door anymore so it is no longer so convenient. I initially called to cancel my membership and the staff were very friendly but let me know their policy is that I have to personally come in to cancel or cancel via mail, but I could make a payment over the phone. When I pointed out that California AB-390 required that businesses who sign people up online also allow them to cancel online, they let me cancel via email. I really appreciated that flexibility and willingness to listen to me even as I was cancelling my membership.
Planet Fitness
J M, September 19, 2022:
There's homeless guys using your showers!!! And nobody seems to care??! Why is this happening on a daily basis?? I'm about to cancel my membership.the owner needs to do something about this issue. ASAP!!
Planet Fitness
Eduardo Lino (Eddie), September 15, 2022:
Aqui son mexicanos racistas. Tan simple como eso.Mi mujer que es 1/2 mexicana y 1/2 afro americana se sintio descriminada. Jamas les dare mi dinero a un shop que no sabe darle el mismo respeto a todas las personas sin tener que ver su raza. Dan verguenza la verdad de ser mexicano. Pero ahi se los dejo a ustedes para que sepan como tratan la gente. Fue a aliziarze el pelo y sus comentarios que hicieron fueron muy racistas. Espero que sean mas sensibles a sus comentarios de aqui en adelante porque si les pasara a sus seres queridos no les gustarias.
Dubay Hair Salon
Alma Tellez-Giron, June 23, 2022:
Moon was awesome with my pedicure and she even fixed my acrylics as the lady that helped me did not do what I wanted. She’s amazing!!!
INails and Spa
Elizabeth Estrada, June 19, 2022:
Iris is amazing! she gave me exactly what i asked for and was super meticulous about her work! if you need nails done in Chula Vista, ask for her!
INails and Spa
Susan Romero, June 15, 2022:
I love the hydro massage after my work out. It really helps with my recovery. I highly suggest adding it to your cool down.
Planet Fitness