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Reviews about Elated Life Massage Boulder

29 reviews
Jocelyn rocks! She knows exactly where all the right muscles to hit were, plus a
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Eric Keeney March 17, 2021 Source Google.com
I’ve been having regular massage therapy for 15 years, mainly in London and New York.
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Jonny Townsend January 30, 2021 Source Google.com
Jocelyn knows the body well and can zero in on those trouble spots without being
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John Donovan January 9, 2021 Source Google.com
Jocelyn has wonderful hands, and an exceptional touch. I highly recommend her for your
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Awaken Chiropractic Boulder, CO January 9, 2021 Source Google.com
I have been a massage therapist for 6 years and have experienced many different
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Brooks January 7, 2021 Source Google.com
Jocelyn is so grounded and present during her massages. She has a strong intuitive sense
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Lynn Swearingen January 5, 2021 Source Google.com
Jocelyn is a kind and very intuitive body worker. She is thoughtful and offers
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Nicole Wienholt December 29, 2020 Source Google.com
Jocelyn is an excellent massage therapist. She is wonderfully intuitive and has a keen
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Gerry Wienholt December 23, 2020 Source Google.com
What i really appreciate about Joycelyn is that she really LISTENS. she hears what i
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Leila Bruno December 23, 2020 Source Google.com
I love getting massages from Jocelyn. As I dancer, my body gets tight often and
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Leah Baylin December 17, 2020 Source Google.com
I have had A LOT of massages in my life. So, so many. And I
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Keeley Rankin March 6, 2020 Source Google.com
One of the best massages I've received in Boulder. Jocelyn is very skilled and she
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Keith McGuinnes November 30, 2019 Source Google.com
I have been carrying quite a bit of tension in my neck and shoulders for
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Nikita Coulombe May 27, 2019 Source Google.com
It's been great receiving massages from Jocelyn and helping me to loosen up some problem
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Eric Freeman April 12, 2019 Source Google.com
Jocelyn is one of the BEST massage therapists I've EVER worked with. She is extremely
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Natalie Bauer March 22, 2019 Source Google.com
Jocelyn is a fantastic massage therapist. Her ability to find the areas that need attention
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Jon Lisa Church March 21, 2019 Source Google.com
When I first got a session from Jocelyn, I was happy to feel how quickly
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Tyler Gibson March 18, 2019 Source Google.com
10/10 would recommend Jocelyn for massage and body work! She has an amazing touch and
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Valerie Kirtley March 15, 2019 Source Google.com
Jocelyn has been performing therapeutic massage on me for about three years and I consider
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JimmyJames L March 15, 2019 Source Google.com
Jocelyn is a talented masseuse with a great intuitive sense for what needs work. And
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craig blockwick March 12, 2019 Source Google.com

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