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Kaylee Edmonson, October 31, 2022:
Heather is absolutely amazing at what she does! Not only is she super knowledgeable her, she makes everybody feel at home and comfortable in every moment. I took the Mommy and me class and I can’t wait to take one of her regular sessions!
Vibe Yoga + Wellness
Анонимный пользователь, October 23, 2022:
This was a fabulous experience. I told the ladies that when I went there that I had a later appointment and was hoping to get out in at least 4 hours. Well the two ladies worked on me together and I was out of there in 31/2 hours. My twist were beautifully done I looked gorgeous for my event.
Senegalese African Hair Braiding
Al Meshberg, October 4, 2022:
We purchased some new furniture and the store did not do any haul away of old furnishings, but gave us Dan‘s card. The appoint was easy to set up. Dan andJamar showed up on time and hauled away our old furnishings quickly and with care to our home. Prices were reasonable and they were in and out quickly. I highly recommend Dan’s Haul Away.
Dan's Haul Away
Allison Shaker, September 28, 2022:
Charged me $45 for a half leg when it's advertised at $25. Also me announce across the salon what exact area I wanted done. Also tried to do it with the door wide open. I asked her to close it and she closed it halfway so the entire salon could still hear this getting done. Super rude. And ripped me off.
Cool Nails
Cahsmere Gerald, September 25, 2022:
I would prefer not be shouted at while I am trying to shop. I came to get one product was “greeted” at the door by a man in a suit that was basically yelling at me. Picked up the one product I came for was about to possibly get another however I see the same man who “greeted me” staring at me through the self shouting at me again if I needed help. However he new I didn’t need help I was shopping which is what I came to do not to be harassed! Because I’m black while shopping.
Ulta Beauty
alejandra jimenez, September 23, 2022:
Jesus got my baby looking right ! Never going to the mall again. Affordable price and amazing cuts for sure !! 👌
BLENDZ Barbershop