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Best Self Beauty – Eyebrow correction near me in Gresham
Portland, OR 97230, 17110 NE Halsey St

Best Self Beauty

The most precious resource in the modern world is time. People who look after their appearance know it and prefer to visit beauty salons, which can do several services in one place. One of these establishments with an extended…
Review. The experience was great. Alexandra is very careful and was really focused on my comfort. The space is private which I liked and most importantly my lashes come out beautifully everytime!…
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Gresham, OR 97030, 275 NE 2nd St

Liis iLashes & iBrows

Every modern person desires to have a beautiful, bright open and remarkable glance, because despite the fact that your body is important, your look catches the attention first and stays in the memory. Now there are different…

Eyebrow correction – reviews

The experience was great. Alexandra is very careful and was really focused on my comfort. The space is private which I liked and most importantly my lashes come out beautifully everytime! You can reach Alexandra directly if something happens that shouldn't happen and she always answers. I would AND have recommended her. She's great!
Best Self Beauty
Lou Fowers September 18, 2020
Source Google.com
Love my lash lifts. I am a busy mom of 3 so I don’t have time to do my makeup most days. My lash lift lasts so long (6-8 weeks! They look natural and I get compliments all the time! Thank you!!!
Best Self Beauty
Ileana Ayala-Bishop April 6, 2022
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She is my first lash technician I’ve ever been to and I’m in love!!! She’s so amazing at what she does and has so much patience with my sensitive eyes lol she has made my first and second time perfect and I can’t wait to come back for another fill :) thank you Alexandra!
Best Self Beauty
Megan Henson March 30, 2022
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Finally a lash tech that reaches all ages, great communicated, best lash tech. Super relevant with the times and I’m top of every trend and she is just the best!!!
Best Self Beauty
Ariana Arias September 27, 2021
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Literally the best at what she does! The execution is ALWAYS there. Book with her you won’t regret it!
Best Self Beauty
Kadaay September 27, 2021
Source Google.com
Professional, great communication, and extremely welcoming and not to mention does AMAZING work, Highly recommend!! ❤
Best Self Beauty
Sydney Conejo September 27, 2021
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How to get your dream eyebrow correction

Eyebrow design is an important part of any image that can change a person beyond recognition. If you do everything well and correctly, take into account the shape of your face, the location of your eyes, hair color and proportions, you will need a bit of makeup in everyday life. But constant eyebrows self-plucking can spoil even the cutest face. Is it necessary to go to the salon to give the eyebrows the right shape? Why dye the hairs? And what can not be done in any case? Now we will tell you about everything in detail.


Now, there are plenty of beauty salons that deal exclusively with eyebrow architecture. Beauty wizards who are able to correct even the most difficult cases and help to build up eyebrows for a radical change of shape. It's up to you whether to do this procedure at home or in the salon.

If you follow the basic rules and prepare the key tools, you will be able to achieve perfect eyebrows even at home. Let's take a look at the main recommendations.

When plucking eyebrows, bear in mind the shape of the face, the cut of the eyes and the structure of the eyebrows. With a round face the line is aligned as much as possible, creating a small fracture that fits to the temple. With a triangular shape, the eyebrows are shortened with an upward direction. With an oval shape and an elongated face, the line should start further than the bridge of the nose, be as straight as possible. And with a square face a smooth slightly inflated arc is created.

Among the main technologies of eyebrows removal is the classical method with the use of tweezers, when each hair is removed step by step, but the smallest and lightest hairs can not even be noticed. Laser correction is expensive, but with a long-lasting effect. Wax removal is used in salons, when even small hairs can be removed in one movement, and after correcting the result it is better to use tweezers. The correction with the help of threads will require a certain skill, and it is quite painful.

How long does the eyebrow correction take?

The frequency of repetition of the procedure is an important factor. After what time is it better to repeat the correction? How many days do I have to wait before I repeat the henna or paint staining? Is it possible to do eyebrow correction during menstruation and pregnancy? We've got all the answers.

  • Menstruation period or pregnancy does not affect the results of the procedure. The only thing to consider is that the rate of hair growth will increase;
  • You need to repeat the eyebrow correction in three weeks. But everything is individual. It all depends on the body and the method of plucking;;
  • Staining is done immediately after correction. Additional tinting is recommended to be done only with shadows or a pencil.
  • Eyebrow correction at home

    It is possible to learn how to make corrections on your own, especially after visiting a salon. Our recommendations will help you.

    1. choose the shape of the eyebrows, the initial and final point of curvature, the place of curvature. You can pencil the points on the contour of the eyebrows;
    2. lubricate the hairs with a greasy cream, then wipe them with a napkin after 10 minutes;
    3. pick a method of removal (like tweezers);
    4. brush out the hairs;
    5. grasp the hairs at the end and pull them out in one swift motion;
    6. try not to create a gap in the line;
    7. wipe the work area with antiseptic, and then moisturize with moisturizing cream.

    Next, you can do your own eyebrow coloring at home with henna or dye. But the shade of the dye should match the hair or be a tone darker.

    Eyebrow threading

    It is not easy to pluck eyebrows with your own hands. More often the procedure is carried out in a salon, as it requires a certain skill and patience.

    The shortest hairs are not always pulled out easily so use tweezers. And do not forget about disinfection.

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