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5 reviews
If you’re in need of beautiful brows, go see Jeni! I’ve been going to her for years and she is simply the best at what she does. I had thinner brows due to over plucking and over the years she has shaped them into gorgeous, full looking brows. Not only is she talented at what she does, but I also appreciate her overall vibe. Nothing bothers me more than the typical salesperson with the “oh that color looks great on you!”, bs. She’s honest, she had great recommendations and I bought em all. I’ll never go anywhere else.
Natalie Vorpahl April 1, 2021 Source
I have been getting my brows waxed by Jeni for years! I have even followed her to Bellevue after she left the downtown Macy’s. She is just THAT GOOD! She is fun to talk to, my brows are always perfect, and her appointments always start on time. She even remembers what products I use and when I probably need to restock my supply. An absolute brow QUEEN. You will not be disappointed.
Samantha McDuffie March 30, 2021 Source
Been seeing Jen since the dawn of time for my brows. I have thick Persian eyebrows and they are probably my favorite feature about myself so I’m very picky and worried about someone over plucking/waxing ect. I’ve gone to other people a few times in between seeing Jen just out of convenience of my neighborhood but ALWAYS regret it because no one listens and shapes my brows like she does. Absolutely worth the trek to get a professional wax every time.
Persia Saffaie March 26, 2021 Source
The lady who did eyebrows was amazing. I went without appointment so I had to wait 20 mins. I was roaming around and doing window shopping in Macy's cosmetic section till that time. There is an annoying White lady with short hair who kept asking me again and again if I need help. I told her I am waiting for my appointment but even after that she kept coming back with her suspicious looks and kept stairing at me . I actually felt weird and offended.
neha agrawal November 12, 2019 Source
I will never do eyelash there or maybe anywhere again. One time is enough to freak me out. First, before gluing the fake eyelash, the oil put on my lower eyelid got into my eye. It hurt and irritated my tears out. The full cluster looks so unnatural and the black glue drop is so big as one or two sesame size that I can see it in front of my eye all the time. Some eyelashes got the black glue over half of them. My eyelids and eyeballs start to hurt quickly after the gluing and still hurt after 20 hours even though I have removed most of the fake lashes.
Q L November 6, 2019 Source

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