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Progressive life forces us continually hurry somewhere and we, dreading to be late, repeatedly forget to look after our body, while daily using its funds to the maximum. You may think about the idea of attending spa at least once a month to prevent mental and physical tiredness that would inescapably occur by cause of overexertion. If you are a resident of Austin, one of such places, that exists for this purpose is Sunflower spa. Spa specialists typically try hard so that you can not only rest physically (get rid of muscle tension, cramps, back pain), but additionally be able to chill out mentally and have great time enjoying time with yourself.

You can find reviews to find out what people noticed as pros and negative moments in their visiting Sunflower spa.

The company operates as stated in the schedule: mon-sun: 09:00 AM - 10:00 PM.

For making an appointment with a professional you may use the phone number +1 (512) 770-66-16. To contact with the organization you can drop in on it in Austin, TX 78727, 6001 W Parmer Ln #220.

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Reviews about Sunflower spa

5 reviews
I had a gift certificate to use. I went there, they looked at me suspiciously... like 3 different employees looked at the certificate and looked me up and down? The massage was strange. After the massage I tried to lay just a moment and the masseuse flipped on the bright overhead lights. Offered me an 8 oz. water. I still had to pay a fee... apparently the gift certificate was for the room not the massage. Yeah, right...suspicious activity..
tammy moore January 23, 2019 Source
Strange place! They say they are busy when the place is empty and they are clearly not with a patron. When I actually DID get in, I was told I could only have 45 minutes and not an hour. Was asked to prepay and pre-tip and received a smirk at the 18% tip. I tried to give this place my regular business because of location, but left either without a massage...or feeling very unwelcome. I advise that you go elsewhere where patrons are actually wanted!
Beth Mast August 13, 2018 Source
Very unfriendly women running the place who often say they are busy when they are obviously not with a patron and the place is empty. The few times I ACTUALLY got in, the massage was good to mediocre. I was asked to pay and tip BEFORE the massage was started...I am a generous tipper and like to reward exemplary service. When I commented on tipping prior to service, The lady actually scoffed at my 18% tip! Because of its convenient location, I gave this place several chances to become my regular regular place recently closed down...however, I am done!
Beth M. August 12, 2018 Source
The Massage was not terrible and I get the impression this is a parlor. I tipped 15% and the lady scoffed at my tip. I only went because my sweet husband bought me a certificate because he thought it was legitimate when we first moved here. Wouldn't recommend.
Elizabeth B. July 15, 2018 Source
Weird experience. I hope I haven't stumbled upon another booty parlor. Basically it's $1 a minute here. Ok cool. Then they try to convince you to pay cash. Then when you pay with credit card they charge you upfront before your massage, with a $3 fee added. The massage itself was pretty good - I even got my ass walked on. That was impressive actually. They leave the room often in addition to getting towels etc. during the massage. I hate when places do this - I'm not paying you to get your shit. I was cheated/cut short almost 10 minutes of my 1.5 hour massage, too. I'm out.
Snuggly G. June 4, 2017 Source

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