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Sola Salon Studios – Manicure near me in Alexandria
301 Hooffs Run Dr, Studio 10, Alexandria, VA 22314

Manicure. Your everyday routine

Everyone likes well-groomed hands. Manicure allows you to perform a comprehensive care of the skin of the hands, to bring the nails in a neat appearance and decorate them with a unique design. Manicure is a beautiful decoration of the nail plate, polishing, selection of design, nail filing and cuticle trimming.

Manicure includes a number of actions aimed at strengthening the nail plate, treatment of an ingrown or broken nail, the formation of the nail plate, removing the coating, removing cuticles, performing design with rhinestones, etc.

But manicure is not just work on the nails, but also on the skin around the nail plate. This will prevent cracks, ingrown nail, burrs, peeling and other skin problems.

Types of manicures

There are many types of manicure, which differ from each other in technique, coating or design:

  • Hardware. A popular type of manicure. It is performed using a device with different nozzles. Treat the nails and skin, give them the desired shape, apply a special agent to the cuticle to soften it, lift it and trim it.
  • A classic (cropped) manicure is performed on a steamed hand. The cuticle is softened by applying a softening agent on the cuticle and the hands are dipped into a bath for 10 minutes. Before steaming, the nail plate is given the desired shape.
  • European (uncut) manicure involves applying a special agent to the skin and cuticle to soften the skin and resorb the cuticle. Next, the beauty-master will create a beautiful shape for the nail plate.
  • Brazilian is the fastest type of manicure, which is performed with a disposable set. They put cellophane gloves on your hands, which already have all the necessary products for the skin of the hands.
  • The Japanese manicure is carried out using only materials of natural origin, which contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Nails are filed with a wooden file, cuticles are removed with an orange stick, and pearl paste and powder with beeswax are applied to the nails.
  • Therapeutic. This type of manicure is chosen if there is a problem of an ingrown nail, fungus, cracks on the hands, with brittle and flaky nail plates. During the process, the master prepares a bath with a composition that is chosen individually for each client.
  • SPA manicure (care) is the most pleasant type of service, which is aimed at strengthening of nails, restoration and moisturizing of hands skin. Essential oils, aromatic candles and relaxing music are used for it.
  • Hot manicure is most often chosen by clients with damaged nails because of frequent nail extensions or coatings.
  • Men's manicure. The main purpose of the master is to file the nails, give them a neat shape and if the man wishes, apply a protective coating;
  • Mini manicure is another quick way to get your nails in a neat look. The master prepares a bath with essential oils, immerses his hands in it, and then lifts the cuticle with an orange wand. Next, the nail plate is given the desired shape, apply nourishing cream to the hands and let it fully absorb.

Manicures are also differentiated by the type of coating and design. Among the popular are French, American, Spanish and wedding manicures. Nail masters in the beauty salon will demonstrate all kinds of manicures, tell about the differences and help to make the right choice.

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