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Pamala's Day Spa & Salon – Chemical face peel near me in Abilene
Abilene, TX 79605, 3241 S 1st St #5

Pamala's Day Spa & Salon

Progressive life obliges us continuously hurry somewhere and we, fearing to be late, frequently forget to take care of our body, while everyday using its resources to the maximum. You may think about the idea of visiting…
Review. AMAZING! Pamala has been my esthetician for almost 20 years. She has years of experience with different skin types and all ages. She only uses the best products on the market, taking…
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Elite Skincare & Laser Aesthetics – Chemical face peel near me in Abilene
Abilene, TX 79602, 1500 Industrial Blvd Suite 200

Elite Skincare & Laser Aesthetics

Do you feel a demand in professional skin care or would you like to modify something in your appearance? Regardless of your visit purpose, doctors and cosmetologists will do everything to make you satisfied with the result.…
Abilene Total Wellness Medical Spa – Chemical face peel near me in Abilene
2110 N Willis St, Ste B, Abilene, TX 79603

Abilene Total Wellness Medical Spa

Advanced life forces us continually hurry somewhere and we, dreading to be late, frequently forget to look after our body, while daily using its funds to the maximum. You should contemplate the idea of going to spa leastways…

Chemical face peel – reviews

AMAZING! Pamala has been my esthetician for almost 20 years. She has years of experience with different skin types and all ages. She only uses the best products on the market, taking care of each of her clients individual needs, all while giving them a chance to relax!
Pamala's Day Spa & Salon
Ann Smith January 23, 2019
Pam is so professional and the best in town for facials and waxing. She is meticulous about her work and the customer benefits from her careful attention to detail. She stayed up to date on the latest products and techniques. Pam you have just earned a new loyal customer!
Pamala's Day Spa & Salon
Patty Garcia February 5, 2022
They are amazing!!! Marisol is the BEST!! I have been going to her for 10 plus years!!! She is not only genuine and professional, she does color and cuts like no one else!!! The owner of this location is also amazing and has great prices and amazing skin treatments!!
Pamala's Day Spa & Salon
joleen kachurak June 21, 2021
I struggled with acne after the birth of second—So much to a point that I wouldn’t hardly leave the house. I found Pamala online because of her Osmosis products. Pamala and her products completely healed my skin. I will forever be indebted to her! I am so thankful God placed her in my path! If you struggle with acne and self-confidence, do NOT hesitate to go see her!!
Pamala's Day Spa & Salon
Sabra Turner July 14, 2020
Absolutely recommend Pamela she is amazing and the best I have been going to Pamela for couple months now I have struggled with bad acne and scarring and she and her products have done magical to my face it's the best feeling ever I love her products as well the best cleanser that's work for my skin as if I already have sensitive skin she has done wonders for me, love walking into her spa very clean n smells fabulous soon u open the door very relaxing and calming highly recommend.. loving my end of results so far,😊😊😊😊
Pamala's Day Spa & Salon
Kimberly Escobedo December 16, 2019
What an amazing salon. You walk in and just feel good. It has such a calmness about the salon. Pamala looks at my face and knows exactly what I need. By the time she has completed my facial I look and feel amazing! Next is Elaina! She touched up the mess I made of my hair and helps with it trying to get healthy again. She takes a lot of pride in what she does and it shows when she is done with your hair. Thanks ladies for an amazing experience! I cannot say enough about how much I love this salon!
Pamala's Day Spa & Salon
Deborah McCoy November 23, 2019

Prices and all that

As of 2020, the average cost of a chemical peel is $519. We gather this information from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Naturally, prices may be based on the expertise and qualifications of the person performing the procedure, type of chemical peel performed, time and effort the procedure or treatment requires and the geographic location.

How much does a chemical face peel cost across the US? It’s all about location, really. Majority of all chemical peels occurred on the coasts.

Chemical face peel: everything you need to know

The condition of the skin worries everyone, so it is important to choose the appropriate care. Chemical peeling increases the tone of the skin, smoothes the relief, gets rid of wrinkles and eruptions. It is carried out in almost every cosmetology office, but it is quite realistic to repeat the procedure at home.

To do this it is necessary to purchase special cosmetics, also learn the procedure and follow the basic rules. How and why to do it at home? What do the reviews say? And what are the benefits of the procedure? Let's find out about this together.

About the procedure

First of all, there is factors you have to consider in the total cost of a chemical face peel.

Which factorMeaning
TypeSuperficial, Medium deep or Deep
Beauty masterRookie, experienced, master
Consultation or adviceMay or may not count
AreaIf you're a big city dweller, you'll pay more, naturally
AftermathFollow ups and extras

Chemical peeling is the removal of the upper layer of the epidermis and the natural exfoliation of dead cells with special chemical compositions. After the procedure, the general condition of the skin improves, it becomes more toned, the number of eruptions decreases and the relief is smoothed. The procedure is usually performed on the face and neck, but also can be performed on the hands, arms and décolleté.

The procedure is best carried out in a cosmetology office, but you can also do it at home if you choose the right composition. Regardless of the agent used, the result is the following: the connection between the cells is reduced, so they are easier to remove and regeneration of the skin occurs.

Types of chemical face peel:

  • superficial is the most gentle option, because glycolic or salicylic acid is used for it. There is only a slight burning sensation in the process. This type of procedure removes black spots, makes acne marks less visible and reduces pigmentation;
  • medium-deep - where the concentration of salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid is higher, but the result is also more noticeable. This type of peeling is used against wrinkles, scars and pronounced pigmentation;
  • deep is used against deep wrinkles and scars. Quite painful to be honest. Recovery process takes two weeks and the procedure is repeated no more than twice in a lifetime.

Pros and cons

The benefits of the procedure are huge, and the result is noticeable immediately:

  • the skin relief is leveled, the scars become less noticeable;
  • acne marks and black spots disappear;
  • skin tone increases, its color improves;
  • pigmentation marks disappear;
  • small wrinkles are smoothed out.

But there can also be harm if the composition is not chosen correctly or technique is not followed. Unpleasant feelings during the procedure in the form of burning and tingling, you can get burns, allergic reactions (redness, swelling, rashes, inflammation of wounds) and prolonged healing. Quite unpleasant, we agree.

Contraindications include hypersensitivity of the skin, the presence of scars and injuries. It is necessary to consult with a cosmetologist who will assess the condition of the skin and give recommendations for care.

How to do a chemical face peel: all the nuances of the procedure

  1. First of all, you have to select composition for the treatment;
  2. Then remove all the makeup from your face and apply a special preparatory agent;
  3. A chemical composition is applied on top;
  4. The composition is removed with a neutralizing agent;
  5. Moisturizing and soothing agent is applied on top.

One session lasts from 25 to 60 minutes. During a deep or medium-deep peeling local anesthesia is applied, as the procedure is quite painful. A superficial peel can be done every three months and a deep peel is repeated no more than twice in a lifetime. Preparation for the procedure is not required but it is better not to sunbathe the day before the procedure.

After chemical peeling do not overdo it with makeup, and better yet avoid it for a couple of days. Use lightweight cosmetics and revitalizing creams, do not sunbathe the first week and if inflammation occurs, wipe the skin with antibacterial agents.

Chemical peel solution types

Fruit acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid and calcium chloride peels can be classified as light chemical peel types and performed at home as well. Medium and deep chemical peel solutions usually include trichloroacetic acid, 30% salicylic acid and phenol.

It is highly recommended to schedule an appointment with your esthetician prior to any skin treatment and to use products from reputable brands with good reviews only. The first days after the treatment your skin might look damaged, so better do not expect quick results. However, soon after the full recovery you will enjoy beautiful, fresh-looking and glowing skin.

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